Jazz review: Joshua Redman: Still Dreaming

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Friday June 01, 2018

From The Times UK

Jazz review: Joshua Redman: Still Dreaming
By: Chris Pearson

In 1976, when the free-jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman switched to electric funk, some of his sidemen formed a breakaway group to continue his acoustic legacy. Here that band get a perpetuation of their own from the son of one of their members. The American saxophonist Joshua Redman, whose father is Dewey Redman, stays on the accessible side of the avant-garde without sacrificing any of the edge.

[…] Coleman liked unison voicings and Redman and Miles are uncanny in their ability to play as one. “It’s Not the Same” is unplugged funk, with Redman and Miles blending over the bassist Scott Colley’s roguish rhythm. “Unanimity” boogies busily with the horns’ staccato. On “Haze and Aspirations” they are like ships in the night, disconsolately coming together and parting through a mist of bass and drums.

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