Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2018

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Monday June 18, 2018

From All About Jazz

Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2018
By: Doug Collette

Anat Cohen & Choro Adventuruso
June 9, 2018

Whatever context in which she plays, the innate gaiety of Anat Cohen’s clarinet playing comes through as a direct reflection of her ebullient personality, no more so perhaps than in the breezy but steadily rhythmic strains of the Brazilian music she plays with Choro Adventuroso. Her alliance with this trio of collaborators’“Victor Gonsalves on accordion and piano, Cesar Garabino on seven-string guitar and Sergio Krakowski on pandiero’“brings out the best in all involved, at least based on this sold-out first of two shows in the intimate underground venue. It was an altogether seamless offering from its bouncing beginning to a happily frenzied finish, even during the comparatively slower going: wisely interwoven into the hour-plus set was a languorous slow-motion version of its peppy surroundings, revealing how the melody lines curled up and around each other over reinforced echoes of the composition’s inner rhythm.

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