Maceo Parker at The Newt

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Monday July 16, 2018

From The Sparta Independent

James Brown’s sax man at The Newt

While most sax players have followed in the footsteps of jazz legends like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, Maceo Parker has consistently marched to a different tune. It was Parker’s recurring stints in James Brown’s band that not only produced some of the most enduring entries in the vast canon of American soul music, but also sowed the seeds of the funk revolution of the 1970s. Parker joined Brown’s band in 1964 and the sax player quickly established himself as a valuable member of the team. The first sides he cut with Brown, ‘I Feel Good’ and ‘Out of Sight,’ became some of the most famous of Brown’s canon. Parker’s collaborations over the years have included Ray Charles, Ani Difranco, James Taylor, De La Soul, Dave Matthews Band and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

[…] Without question, Parker’s body of work over the past four decades stands on its own merits, yet he sees the music as part of an even greater message. ‘At all my concerts, I try to say ‘love’ as many times as I can,’ he says. ‘I think if we all use that word as much as we possibly can, the idea will flourish, and all that other negative stuff will diminish. So I’m definitely going to do what I think is my part by just showing the spirit of love throughout the word as much as I can.’

See Maceo Parker at The Newton Theatre on Friday, August 10 – get tickets here
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