Let the Passion Excite You

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Thursday July 19, 2018

From Mandy News

‘Let the passion excite you’ BlacKkKlansman composer Terence Blanchard on working with Spike Lee
By: James Collins

Terence, tell us where you’re from and how you got into the industry.

My name is Terence Blanchard and my family comes from Louisiana. I got involved in music because music got involved in me. I grew up in a house where there were musicians all over the place, my father was an opera singer and sang at church, my uncle sang with him, my aunt, my mum and sisters sang and taught piano. My grandfather played guitar. From the time that I was a little kid, I just heard music all over the place, everywhere.

I eventually got involved in it. My next door neighbour was my first piano teacher from the time that I was five years old, and one thing just progressed to the next. Growing up in the church and growing up with a sense of social activism, I’ve always equated art with making social statements.

[…] Hopefully it can bring people together. We fully believe that music has the ability to do that and it’s good to use a voice, to use music in such a positive way.

You hope. That’s the one thing that I can do as a citizen of the country, that’s the way I look at it. There are two things that I can do; I can do this and I can vote. I’ve been encouraging people not to stand on the sidelines. Everybody wants to b*tch and moan about what goes on, but most people that b*tch and moan, I want to ask you, did you vote? Did you vote? Because if you didn’t vote, stop crying. ‘Voting doesn’t matter,’ ‘” well, you start to see it does. It does, and there are ramifications behind voting and not voting, so get off your ass and get involved.

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