Punch Brothers’ Chris Thile on New Album

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Sunday July 22, 2018

From Rolling Stone

Punch Brothers’ Chris Thile on New Album ‘All Ashore,’ Filming Latest Live Video
By: Joshua Miller

‘There is a certain immortality in the change that another person effects on another person.’ This is how singer-songwriter and mandolin player Chris Thile describes the meaning behind new song ‘Like It’s Going Out of Style,’ the coda to the Punch Brothers’ latest album, All Ashore. Rolling Stone sat down recently with Thile to talk about the song’s meaning, the group’s live approach to music videos and the confidence that propelled them to record their first self-produced album.

Lyrically, ‘Like It’s Going Out of Style’ seems to be about being grateful for what you have. Accurate?

That’s a pretty good take on it. Finding peace in the struggle or peace in the lack of peace. Coming to terms with the fact that there will always be evil in the world. There will always be something to work on. There will always be something undone. And that’s OK. Working on it is a virtual but it’s also important taking a moment to appreciate each other’s company and admire one’s handiwork. There’s a lyric at the very end of that song, which might be a what have we learned moment on the record: ‘Our true love is reflected in the change/We embrace for one another/Our true selves live forever in the change/We effect in one another.’

Say you impacted a person and changed the way they move through the world and change the way they think ‘¦ but then you die. That person goes on living the way they did, but now as part of the change you imparted on them, it would be difficult to say you’re dead. You’re living on through that change.

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