Deva Mahal: 70th Nice Jazz Festival 2018

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Friday July 27, 2018

From France Today

Dispatch from the French Riviera: 70th Nice Jazz Festival 2018
By: Mary Kay Seales

The 70th edition of the Nice Jazz Festival was held from July 16 ‘” 21, 2018 and drew over 40,000 fans to the sunny French Riviera for five nights of music on two stages. Here’s a recap. The two festival stages’” which were set far enough apart to let the music blast’” featured more straight-ahead jazz artists on one stage, in the Théâtre de Verdure, while the more raucous groups, where listeners could be on their feet, dancing and rocking out, took place on the other larger stage at Scéne Massena, a wide open space without chairs.

[…] A pleasant surprise for me was blues singer, Deva Mahal, daughter of the one and only blues guitarist, Taj Mahal. I wondered if she could live up to her illustrious father, but she really did, and in her own audacious way. Dressed in a bright red off-the-shoulder dress and silver boots, she was beautiful, bold, talented and open-armed to her fans in Nice. She had the stage presence of someone born to it. She sang blues, R&B, played guitar, and got the crowd rocking and rolling.

When asked by one of the audience members if they could join her on stage to dance, she responded, ‘If they’ll let you up here, I won’t make you go away.’ Later in a video interview following the performance, she told her new French fans, ‘I love you!’

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