Maceo Parker Brings the Love to Jazz Alley

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Tuesday August 07, 2018

From The Seattle Times

Saxophonist Maceo Parker brings the music and the love to Jazz Alley
By: Alexa Peters

Celebrated saxophonist Maceo Parker has spent more than 50 years playing steadily with some of the most important musicians of the 20th century. To the outside world, he’s a legend. To Parker, it was just meant to be. Parker brings his 75th-birthday celebration and newest album, ‘It’s All About Love,’ to Jazz Alley Aug. 16-19. With this 12th solo studio album and milestone birthday, the new release has the feel of coming full circle.

‘It’s All About Love’ soars with Parker’s signature raw, soulful voice and saxophone playing, as well as upbeat, funky band arrangements. Each of the tracks on the album has the word ‘love’ in the title ‘” classics from ‘Love the One You’re With’ to the tender ‘Love Won’t Let Me Wait.’

‘Well, you know, you turn on the news and there’s all this crazy stuff. And I came up with this idea, I mean, golly ‘” there just is not enough love going on in the world,’ Parker said. ‘I was born Valentine’s Day in 1943. Now you get me. I was born into the love. This is the way I’m going out, I’m going to be pushing love.’

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