Imaginative & Bold 'Combo 66'

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Tuesday September 25, 2018

From Glide Magazine

John Scofield Returns with Imaginative & Bold ‘Combo 66’
By: Jim Hynes

John Scofield is one of today’s most versatile guitarists, accumulating accolades and prestigious awards in contemporary jazz, jam band, and popular music. Heck, he’s even made an excellent gospel album. For Combo 66, coinciding with his 66th birthday on September 28 he enlists the support of long-time drummer Bill Stewart, bassist Vincente Archer and pianist/organist Gerald Clayton. Together, in typical Scofield fashion, they imbue jazz with elements from other genres imaginatively and unpredictably.

Scofield is on a creative roll, having won two Grammys for 2016’s Country for Old Men and last year’s stellar effort Hudson with good friends Jack DeJohnette, Larry Grenadier, and John Medeski. As you probably know, he often collaborates with Gov’ Mule and with Medeski, Martin, and Wood too. He’ll unexpectedly appear on albums from Americana artists too, such as his guest appearance on multi-instrumentalist Phil Madeira’s Providence. The well-liked and respected Scofield gets and accepts lots of invitations.

[…] This is a light, fun, completely accessible outing that will leave you smiling. It fits beautifully with Scofield’s self-described approach that goes like this, ‘I am so deadly serious about jazz, but the fact of the matter is jazz only works if you are relaxed and don’t give a shit. If you try too hard it doesn’t work. Humor really helps me get to a better place with music.’ Scofield’s place is one that we can enjoy too.

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