Anat Cohen on the Art of Musical Uplift

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Monday October 01, 2018


Anat Cohen on the Art of Musical Uplift, and the Experience of Feeling Good with WBGO
By: Nate Chinen

‘It’s important to me that music is an engine for feeling,’ says Anat Cohen. ‘If the music is grooving, then I respond. When everybody’s focused on that feeling, it’s elevating ‘” for the people onstage, and for the audience.’

Growing up in Israel, Anat absorbed a cosmopolitan array of jazz and folk music. She gravitated early to the music of Brazil, which remains a special area of study. ‘There was a flow, something light about it, the way people were talking and the sound of the language,’ she recalls. ‘It was laid-back but positive and accepting. Later on it went along with the attitude of the people I met in Brazil: embracing, and not suspicious, and welcoming.’

Last year WBGO premiered tracks from two simultaneous releases by Cohen, each one a manifestation of her affinities for Brazil. The tunes were played on Morning Jazz, and simultaneously featured in an article at Cohen has since appeared a couple of times in our weekly editorial playlist, Take Five.

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