Keeping 'Old and New Dreams' Alive

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Wednesday November 07, 2018

From Vancouver Sun

Joshua Redman keeps Old and New Dreams alive
By: Stuart Derdeyn

On Still Dreaming, saxophonist Joshua Redman leads a spectacular band featuring cornetist Ron Miles, bassist Scott Colley and drummer Brian Blade through eight songs loaded with energetic improvisations and plenty of open-ended elasticity. Six of the songs are band-member originals, the other two are Charlie Haden’s Playing and Ornette Coleman’s beautiful Comme Il Faut.

These two tunes tie in the Still Dreaming project with Old and New Dreams, a quartet that featured Redman’s father, Dewey Redman, bassist Charlie Haden, cornetist Don Cherry and drummer Ed Blackwell.

Still Dreaming songs such as Colley’s opener New Year make clear that Redman read the players’ sensitivity to each other right. The eight-measure phrases that Colley and Blade trade down lock into a fierce fluid swing while Miles’s cornet floats between almost classic bebop lines to pairing with the saxophone for smooth conversation between the two. It’s obvious that this is music made for the live concert stage.

It’s clear that Still Dreaming is providing an outlet to explore alternatives to the other music Redman has made in his acclaimed career to date. He finds playing wide open without any predetermined forms gives the quartet all kinds of opportunities to find new ways around the music. It’s a lot of fun.

Also, no member of the original Old and New Dreams is still alive. So for the dream to continue, groups like Still Dreaming are needed.

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