Balancing Love and Loss

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Wednesday November 28, 2018

From The Kingston Whig Standard

Wood balances love and loss
By: Peter Hendra

Whenever he finishes a record, musician Royal Wood is typically left with a handful of songs. What isn’t typical is him doing something with them.

That, however, was the case with with the Canadian singer-songwriter’s newest release, the five-track EP Love Will Linger. The record is comprised of songs that didn’t make the final cut of his spring release, Ever After the Farewell, an album about love and loss.

‘I’ve always had songs left over after a record, but these ones are all such standalone statements to me, important to me, and I just wanted to put them out in the world,’ Wood, who performs at the Grand Theatre on Thursday, explained over the phone.

‘And now there are no rules, there’s no record store, there’s no real record sales. You have streaming and we have our live shows,’ he said. ‘Frankly, I love streaming, I love my shows, I love my fans, but that also means I get to just put out music. They all work together, and a little part of me thinks [the EP’s] better than how my record turned out.’

[…] ‘What I love about these last couple of records, we were so spontaneous. I would be writing in the morning, and recording and then sing the vocals [in the afternoon], and by night I’d be mixing the song. That’s how I want to make music.’

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