John Scofield: 'Combo 66' (Verve)

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Thursday December 06, 2018

From JazzTimes

John Scofield: Combo 66 (Verve)
By: Bill Meredith

At age 66, guitarist John Scofield has earned heroic jazz/fusion status for his understated style, open mind, and tributaries that include releases with jam-band festival faves Medeski, Martin & Wood and Gov’t Mule. On Combo 66, Scofield adopts a unique, hybrid electric/acoustic improvisational format’“in which he’s often the only electric instrumentalist’“with a quartet rounded out by younger, energetic players in keyboardist Gerald Clayton, bassist Vicente Archer, and drummer Bill Stewart.

[…] And then there’s the inimitable Scofield, who penned all nine compositions here. ‘New Waltzo,’ with its ominous intro and left-of-center approach to time signatures divisible by three, sounds unlike any waltz that preceded it. And slower pieces like ‘Uncle Southern’ and ‘I’m Sleeping In’ especially showcase the guitarist’s most rare of gifts for players on his instrument: restraint and use of space. Combo 66 may be named for Scofield’s age, but it sounds as timeless as he does ageless.

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