The Gloaming Announce New Album

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Tuesday January 15, 2019

From Real World Records

The Gloaming announce new album and share two tracks

The Gloaming are delighted to announce that their new studio album ‘The Gloaming 3’ will be released on 22 February 2019 on Real World Records. Produced by Thomas Bartlett, it was recorded last autumn in New York at Reservoir Studios.

The album is available to pre-order now and by way of introduction, two new tracks ‘Áthas (Joy)’ and ‘Sheehan’s Jigs’ will be available on music streaming platforms from Friday 18 January. The album cover image for The Gloaming 3, titled ‘Precipice 2015’, is the third the band have used from a series of works created by artists Shana & Robert ParkeHarrison.

The author Colm Tóibín has generously shared his thoughts upon hearing the album recently:

‘What you notice first in the work of ‘The Gloaming’ is the energy that comes from the clash and then the connection between tradition and innovation, between following contours that have been inherited and then creating a new tonal realm for that very inheritance. The music is nourished by diversity and range, it is open to the world, but it is also rooted in Ireland; it comes from a close study and deep knowledge of a tradition strong enough to be played with and enriched.

In the music of ‘The Gloaming’, there is also a tension between complexity in studio work and arrangement and a sort of simplicity and directness in the way the music hits the listener’s nervous system. In the playing of Martin Hayes and Caoimhín Ô Raghallaigh there is always a melancholy undertone which becomes more forceful as the music lifts and entertains the possibility of joy, paying attention to the rhythm and the melodic line while offering homage to high and hard-won emotion.”

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