Visionary exploration of traditional music-making

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Friday February 15, 2019

From The Irish Times

The Gloaming: The Gloaming 3 review ‘” Visionary exploration of traditional music-making
By: Siobhan Long

Choosing for their third studio album release a cover illustration titled Precipice might say something about The Gloaming’s state of mind. As with their two previous studio albums, the band have mined deep and aimed high. Drawing themselves up to their full height as they’ve done in each of their previous recordings (most notably on their Live at the NCH album, released last year), the band continue to stretch and challenge themselves in both their tune choices and in Iarla Ô Lionáird’s song adaptations of contemporary and ancient poetry.

[…] There’s a certain feeling of time standing still on this album. The Gloaming have found their groove: that intersection where unapologetically traditional music-making sits so comfortably alongside the most visionary, forward-facing musical exploration.

It’s what we’ve blithely come to expect from the band, and this collection is a celebration of the byways and boreens that characterise that journey: where tunes lurk in whin bushes and songs insinuate themselves into the bloodstream. Another long player that’ll find fresh purchase with each return visit.

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