The Gloaming on their new album

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Friday February 22, 2019

From The Irish News

Trad: The Gloaming on their new album 3
By: Robert McMillen

[Music] can bring us ecstatic joy or deep sorrow, help us do the Hucklebuck or the Haymaker’s Jig and there is also music that we can sit or lie down to and let its sounds wash over us, like a kind of musical mindfulness. Such is the music of The Gloaming, the exalted quintet which has brought Irish traditional music onto a new aesthetic plane over the past eight years with a genre-warping virtuosity that gives us time to savour its beauty and to be taken away on the wings of melody.

Given that singer Iarla Ô Lionáird has said music can be used to “manage mental stages”, are the ensemble into Zen and the art of Traditional Music?

I ask the question of Martin Hayes, their genius/fiddler of the less-is-more school of minimalist trad.

“The art of making music, if it’s done well, is quite a mindful thing,” he tells me from his home in Madrid where he has been living with his wife Lina Pelaez for around three years now.

“The quality of the music is determined by the level of presence and the level of commitment in that moment and trusting the moment, as well. For me, the primary experience of playing music is about getting to be as present with every note as possible. It is about enjoying the moment that you’re in without worrying about where the next moment is going to come from, because it will take care of itself if you take care of this moment.”

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