Shai Maestro: 'The Dream Thief'

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Monday March 11, 2019

From Jazz Journal

Shai Maestro Trio: The Dream Thief
By: Fred Grand

As I know from personal experience, certain surnames elicit an ironic sense of expectation. Any pianist named ‘Maestro’ surely needs to be doubly at ease with their art, and fortunately this gifted young Israeli-American has always made light of a potential deadweight. A regular in bassist Avishai Cohen’s band between 2006-11, he has also shone in the quartet of drummer Mark Guiliana and continues to lead one of the most exciting piano trios of recent years.

[…] Perhaps saving his biggest surprises until the last, Maestro radically deconstructs ‘These Foolish Things’, while fragments of Barack Obama’s powerful oratory concerning the seemingly insoluble issue of US gun control are woven into the poignant rhetorical question, ‘What Else Needs to Happen?’ A sombre interruption to Maestro’s reverie, but one which nevertheless shows the broad emotional range within the trio’s very approachable and markedly human music.

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