Avishai Cohen Plays Xavier's Jazz Series

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Friday March 22, 2019

From Cincinnati CityBeat

Trumpeter Avishai Cohen Plays Penultimate Show In Xavier’s 2018-2019 Jazz Series
By: Mike Breen

Trumpeter and composer Avishai Cohen is among the most critically-acclaimed musicians in modern Jazz, earning high praise from all over the world, including from esteemed U.S. outlets like The New York Times (which wrote, ‘Like (Miles) Davis, (Cohen) can make the trumpet a vehicle for uttering the most poignant human cries’) and the U.K.‘s The Guardian, which also name-checked Davis in its commendation, writing that ‘every generation of Jazz trumpeters revisits the legacy of Miles Davis in their own ways, but ‘¦ Cohen’s version of the journey has been particularly skillful.’

While comparing a Jazz trumpeter favorably to the greatest player of all time might suggest heavy hyperbole and certainly comes with a ton of pressure and expectations, the Israeli-born Cohen certainly fits the mold and seems up to the task. Cohen shares a similar creative curiosity, ambition and versatility with Davis that has found him gracefully blending elements from Rock, Classical, World Music and Klezmer music into a spectrum of Jazz motifs (from Be Bop to Fusion to more avant-garde styles), while also exploring different lineup and compositional approaches.

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