Dazzling Sets of Crystalline Communication

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Tuesday April 02, 2019

From Earshot Jazz

Jack DeJohnette, Joe Lovano, Esperanza Spalding, Leo Genovese: The Spring Quartet

It’s a large stage that can contain this much multi-generational talent: saxophonist Joe Lovano and drummer Jack DeJohnette, plus two younger virtuosos, bassist Esperanza Spalding and Argentinian pianist Leo Genovese.

Since 2014 they have been the Spring Quartet. In bubbling torrents of unbounded collaboration, never about ego, always about creation in the moment, the quartet has been as clear an example as there is in jazz of what the Boston Globe characterized as a “supergroup that adds up to more than the sum of its chops.” And what chops!

[…] That’s in keeping with the guiding principle of Spring Quartet, as DeJohnette states it: “being open, prepared for the unexpected, and willing to follow that where it takes us,” and the four mighty instrumentalists achieve that in dazzling sets of crystalline communication.

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