Combo 66 at Jefferson Center

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Tuesday April 09, 2019

From The Roanoke Times

Jazz guitar icon brings his Combo 66 to Jefferson Center on Friday
By: Tad Dickens

Sometimes he plays jazz/funk. Sometimes he plays countrified jazz. Sometimes his jazz is loaded with electronic music, or rock, or soul. Always with guitarist John Scofield, though, there is a return to small band, straight-ahead jazz.

It’s not by design, though, Scofield said. And the other styles find their way in.

‘It’s just sort of where I’m at, you know,’ said Scofield, who brings his Combo 66 to Jefferson Center on Friday. ‘Straight-ahead jazz always fascinated me, and I want to get better at it, and I love playing it. But it doesn’t ever come out completely like it did in 1955, because of my other leanings. With Combo 66, we do some funky stuff, and some country tunes, and turn ‘em into jazz.’

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