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Thursday April 11, 2019

From NPR

‘Medicine’ To Make You Feel ‘Inmortal’: Our Favorite Latin Songs This Week
By: Felix Contreras, Stephanie Fernández, Jacqueline Reed

Lila Downs, “Cariñito”
Lila Downs has been making music that is both extremely popular and artistically exquisite for a while. And have you seen her Tiny Desk concert? I often wonder what musicians with longevity do to keep things fresh. “Cariñito” is Exhibit A in how to go to the well and bring up something refreshing.

The song is a Peruvian cumbia classic and Downs has chosen “The Man With The Golden Touch,” Camilo Lara, to produce her upcoming album, due out May 3. The result is just what we expect from La Jefa but she has a musical spring in her step that comes from Lara’s musical wisdom. He seems to know exactly will work with the bands he chooses to work with and for Lila Downs there is unbridled joy mixed in to the cumbia two step rhythms.

Downs released a statement about the album released with the single this week:

“This new album is an homage to the chile. People often laugh and ask me if I’m serious! Yes, the music is a tribute to the fruit that causes us so much craving and suffering, but that we really love! We fry the chile, add beats from the city, then saxophones, trumpets and drums from the Mexican coast to keep the dance going. The village and the city are united by the same beat. With a mezcal in hand, we dream of a place with a palm tree where one falls in love and reflects.”

The name of Down’s upcoming album is Al Chiles. ‘” Felix Contreras

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