Brazil is changing. Caetano Veloso is forever.

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Thursday April 18, 2019

From The Washington Post

Brazil is changing. Caetano Veloso is forever.
By: Chris Richards

When Caetano Veloso sings, it sounds more powerful than reality, but he knows it’s real. For all of the whimsy, beatitude and hallucinogenic sensuality in his music, the colossal Brazilian songwriter has always been an artful pragmatist, a devout atheist and an unwavering skeptic of the hippie-dipped mysticism that fogged the dawn of his recording career way back in 1967. It’s made him unsolvable and eternal. We’ll never be able to touch the music falling from Veloso’s lips, but we can still believe in it.

Politics weren’t mentioned explicitly during Monday night’s concert, but if Veloso’s long-term proposition involves waving off the iron fist of authoritarianism with harmonies of every color, he was obviously carrying out his life’s work onstage, filling the air with shimmering pleasure, and a latent suggestion of dread, too. All the brightness in the room meant it was very dark outside.

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