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Friday April 19, 2019

From Billboard

Viva Friday Playlist: New Releases by Marc Anthony, Christian Nodal & More
By: Billboard Staff

Lila Downs — “Clandestino”

Lila Down revives Manu Chao’s classic “Clandestino,” a model of the world music boom of the late ’90s. Her cumbia-infused tune, however, disengages from Manu Chao’s globalized pop song sampling a folk provincial sound in which new and old truths explode. The exchange of a few words of the song’s original lyrics are just enough to air political criticisms concerning the detention centers in the U.S. and the unsustainable policy of family separation. “Si no peleamos por los niños, qué será de nosotros?” “If we don’t fight for the children, what will become of us?” echoes Down’s vocals with a misty resignation flanked by jangling guitars and a Mexican cumbia-tinged accordion. — PB

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