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Friday April 19, 2019

From Rolling Stone

Lila Downs Stands Up for Migrant Families in Cover of Manu Chao’s ‘Clandestino’
By: Suzy Exposito

When indie luminary Manu Chao first released his 1998 debut, Clandestino – and the song of the same title – he sought to humanize the millions of migrants, survivors of civil war and poverty, hustling to survive on the mean streets of European cities. Often derided as “clandestinos,” or what those in the English-language world refer to derogatorily as “illegals,” undocumented migrants and their stories pervaded Manu Chao’s now-classic album – which at times explored his own relationship to immigration, as a child of political refugees from Spain.

Now, recorded over two decades since its original release, Grammy-winning Mexican folk singer Lila Downs bounds back fiercely with her own take on “Clandestino” – her critical gaze affixed upon the southern border of the United States. “This time around,” Downs tells Rolling Stone, “I mention the immigrant children in the detention centers and sing from the feminine perspective, about the thousands of women and children who migrate today.”

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