Lila Downs Explores Mexican Heritage

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Thursday May 30, 2019

From Rolling Stone

Lila Downs Explores Mexican Heritage Through the Pepper in New LP, ‘Al Chile’
By: Isabela Raygoza

“It’s about saying things al chile!’ says Lila Downs backstage at the Center for the Arts in Escondido, where she’s about to perform cuts from her latest studio album, Al Chile. Just like the Mexican expression conveys ‘” roughly meaning ‘straight up’ ‘” the folk singer has been keeping it real to her roots, and championing the lives of countless indigenous populations since her emergence in the Nineties.

‘I feel like I would be making a deal with the devil if I did [commercial pop],’ she says with a wink. Her dedication to authenticity has served her well, though: Downs is perhaps one of the most recognizable traditional singers in Latin alternative music, boasting track streams and YouTube views by the millions.”

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