The Eclectic Sensibility of Anat Cohen

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Friday June 21, 2019

From Downbeat

The Eclectic Sensibility of Anat Cohen

“Poised at the kitchen counter in her Brooklyn apartment, Anat Cohen assumed the role of solicitous host. Tall, with waves of cascading hair softening her otherwise commanding presence, the clarinetist reeled off a selection of teas and coffees in such precise detail it would have made a barista’s head spin.

She’s like that: an artist given more to abundance than austerity, who, after 20 years negotiating the chaotic New York scene, is more than able to juggle a multitude of affairs’“musical and nonmusical alike. By all indications, she’s happiest when doing so.

Pouring the drink’“green tea was chosen, with an obligatory water chaser’“she recounted her performance dates of recent weeks: St. Louis and Detroit with her quartet, Boston and Santo Domingo with the MIT Wind Ensemble, Ecuador with Trio Brasileiro and São Paulo with Jazzmin’s Big Band. In between, she squeezed in her regular Tuesday teaching gig at The New School in New York.”

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