Punch Brothers at Woodville Town Hall

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Monday July 15, 2019

From The Adelaide Review

Review: Punch Brothers at Woodville Town Hall

“Innovative US ensemble tackle Tame Impala and their Grammy-winning 2018 All Ashore in an ‘emergency session’ of the Adelaide Guitar Festival.

‘We’re thrilled to be back here in Adelaide,’ Punch Brothers banjoist Noam Pikelny says drolly midway through their set. ‘We’re here, I was told, this is kind of an emergency session of the Adelaide Guitar Festival‘¦ they had to call an emergency session, lest the guitar fade back into obscurity. It can be suffocating, all the attention that the banjo and mandolin get. We’re gonna do whatever we can to lift the guitar up, make it known and spread the gospel of the guitar.’

He is, of course, taking the piss, because while Chris Eldridge’s excellent, nimble playing acts as a mid-frequency glue for the band’s sound, it’s the mandolin of bandleader Chris Thile, the fiddle of Gabe Witcher and Pikelny’s own banjo that more often takes centre stage.”

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