Lila Downs Goes for Party Music Not Partisan Songs

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Tuesday July 23, 2019

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Lila Downs Goes for Party Music Not Partisan Songs

“With the eye of an anthropologist and a voice that can blast like a brass band, Lila Downs has created an album, Al Chile, that recreates the boisterous spirit of parties under the stars along the coast of Mexico. “Some [albums] are more introspective and speak of emotions,” the singer said recently, “and some are more extroverted and about the senses and I think that’s what this one is about. I try to explain to people it’s about the waist on down.”

While her Salon, Lagrimas and Deseo in 2017 bristled at the election of Donald Trump and included songs such as “Peligroso” about dangerous and powerful women, the new album, on Sony Latin, is in a more convivial mood even if politics are never that far off.

For the first time, she has teamed with producer Camilo Lara, a former music executive who made his mark with a series of albums under the name Instituto Mexicano del Sonido (The Mexican Institute of Sound) that electrified Mexican regional and traditional music, and his modernizing touches are evident throughout. Downs met Lara in the 1990s when she had an album on the Narada label, and he worked at EMI. “He was instrumental in teaching me about world music,” she said, recalling that he would make cassette tapes for her with artists such as Colombia’s Toto La Momposina.”

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