Lila Downs brings her spicy tour to California

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Tuesday September 17, 2019

From La OpiniĆ³n

Lila Downs brings her spicy tour to California: The singer travels through several cities in the country with a concert that honors the most Mexican of food: Chile

“We came [from New York] in part because Paul got heart sick,” the singer said in a telephone conversation. “And now this situation is giving us a can again.”

Paul Cohen, the artistic director of the Downs band, and the singer’s husband suffers from a heart condition that has him on the verge of death. One of the options to save his life is to have a transplant, although they were told that this is a very remote possibility.

“But we are going to put all the desire,” said Downs in an optimistic and even cheerful tone.

That is why we are going to see Cohen’s participation in the next Downs California tour, where he will bring his show Al Chile, also the title of his most recent album, which is named after the popular fruit consumed by the seas in Mexico”

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