Interview with Terence Blanchard

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Monday October 28, 2019

From Deadline

‘Harriet’ Composer Terence Blanchard Crafts Sweeping Score In Celebration Of Real-Life Superhero Harriet Tubman

“To Lemmons and to Blanchard’“as to so many others’“Harriet Tubman was nothing short of a real-life superhero. The challenge, then, with the score was to capture the essence of this force of nature, along with all the melancholy, tragedy, beauty and hope she experienced along the path she paved.

Receiving his first Oscar nomination last year for his BlacKkKlansman score, Blanchard is currently back at work alongside Spike Lee, on his anticipated follow-up feature, Da 5 Bloods. Below, the composer discusses the process of crafting his Harriet score, his latest outing with Lee, as well as an opera he wrote with Lemmons, which will soon be produced by the New York Met.

DEADLINE: Your collaborative relationship with Kasi Lemmons goes back to the ’90s. How did you first start working with her? What have you enjoyed about this collaboration?

TERENCE BLANCHARD: I started working with Kasi on Eve’s Bayou’“I think that was the first film’“and as soon as we started working together, we just had an instant connection. She told me she loved opera; I didn’t know how significant that would be until later years.”

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