The Compton Herald on Jason Moran's 'Selma' Score

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Wednesday January 08, 2020

From Compton Herald

Film ‘Selma’ at Soraya a stark reminder

“Revisiting the epic film ‘Selma’ with a live score conducted by Che Che Alara of the New West Orchestra, alongside jazz pianist and composer Jason Moran, Feb 1, at the Soraya Performance Arts Center at California State University, Northridge; who would have thought in 2020, African Americans would be faced with voter rights being threatened and eroded?

Who would have thought that instead of being a painfully strong memory of days gone by, that Selma would serve as a wake-up call for some and a rallying call to many?

Jason Moran and the Compton Herald’s Denise Thomas. Photo courtesy Kathy Ross

African Americans have tried a long way, but this film reminds us how tenuous and beautiful is the road we travel.

The significance of a jazz-minded musician being selected to represent this era reminds us that the genre of jazz, which is so uniquely American, should obviously be the one chosen to underscore these events, and therefore we no longer feel as though we are strangers here when the somber, redolent themes which replicate the familiar languidness of the south remind us that the fight for freedom is as American as apple pie.”

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