REVIEW The Washington Post Calls Jason Moran's TEN "Remarkable"

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Wednesday September 15, 2010

From The Washington Post

*Album Review: Jason Moran’s ‘Ten’
By Geoffrey Himes

Jason Moran calls his new album “Ten” because it has been 10 years since he formed his Bandwagon trio with drummer Nasheet Waits and bassist Tarus Mateen. During that time the three have become arguably the most important band in jazz, translating their rare stability into a muscular, flexible cohesion that has swallowed up jazz’s past as easily as it has digested hip-hop, rock and art music.

The evidence is on this remarkable new recording. Included are compositions by three of Moran’s biggest piano influences — Thelonious Monk, Andrew Hill and Jaki Byard — and each time, Moran extracts one element from the original and pursues its possibilities into territory never dreamed of by the composer. “Feedback Pt. 2” finds the trio responding to a montage of Jimi Hendrix feedback moments with unexpected tenderness and melancholy. Two versions of Conlon Nancarrow’s “Study No. 6,” one jittery and the other meditative, uncover the lyricism of this modern classical piece.

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