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Monday December 20, 2010

From The LA Times

Chris Barton from the LA Times recently listed his favorite jazz albums of 2010. Among the mentions are IMN artists Brad Mehldau, Jason Moran, and The Bad Plus. See what he has to say about their 2010 releases below:

Brad Mehldau, ‘Highway Rider’ (Nonesuch)
At this point it’s obvious that Mehldau simply doesn’t think small. Spread over two discs, this ambitious reunion with the players who made Mehldau’s 2002 record “Largo” (including the brilliant Jon Brion), the pianist mostly sets aside that album’s rock-oriented tilt and instead merges his classical and jazz impulses to engrossingly cinematic effect. Combining jazz with orchestral strings may have been done before, but never quite like this.

Jason Moran, ‘Ten’ (Blue Note Records)
Celebrating his first decade collaborating with his trio of Tarus Mateen on bass and drummer Nasheet Waits, Moran sounds as good as ever here. Mixing elements of angular post-bop with his own brand of genre-blind experimentation, Moran carves his own way whether playing off a mangled Jimi Hendrix loop or paying tribute to influences like Leonard Bernstein and Jaki Byard. May another ten years filled with just as much invention lie ahead.

The Bad Plus, ‘Never Stop’ (E1 Entertainment)
Nobody seems to talk about this band anymore. This piano trio celebrated its 10th year by setting aside its prediliction for remarkable if quirky covers (Aphex Twin and Nirvana, to name two) to shine a light on their intricate compositional gifts. Touching on the lyricism of Bill Evans one moment, a sort of wide-eyed disco-thump the next, the Bad Plus’ unique voice sounds as strong as ever.

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