Jason Moran's Favorite Date-Night Jazz

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Monday January 31, 2011

Jason Moran recently contributed to Jozen’s “Until I Get Married” blog about his favorite date-night jazz music. Or as NPR’s A Blog Supreme tweeted, “Jason Moran tells you single dudes out there what jazz to play for a lady.” Read a sample of the blog below and click here to read the full post.

Album: Speak No Evil
Artist: Wayne Shorter

Jason: This is a classic 1960’²s jazz record. He’s one of the few musicians still around, and this record captures a real time period of jazz, right on its cusp, after leaving cool and becoming more and more complex. It’s great, unbelievable, and every musician on it is kind of a giant. Wayne Shorter is still performing today with his quartet that he’s had for maybe seven or eight years now, and each night what is wonderful about him is it’s really abstract. He’s definitely not talking in between songs, but what you get is this kind of exploration. Like, a good date might be, go to the Space Museum and look at stars and moons and planets and then, go see Wayne. He’s really dealing with music as this kind of galaxy, not something grounded in gravity. That real openness.