INTERVIEW Chris Potter Has Few Peers

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Friday February 25, 2011


Saxophonist Chris Potter comes to Jazz at the Bistro
By Calvin Wilson

Jazz saxophonist Chris Potter doesn’t get as much hype as Branford Marsalis or Joshua Redman. But when it comes to making music that’s as imaginative as it is engaging, Potter has few peers. Recently, he spoke with Go! about his upcoming Bistro gig.

‘¢ What saxophonist would you say has been most influential on your style? There are a lot of guys that I’ve spent a lot of time listening to and have gotten a lot from. But I think I’d have to say, Bird (Charlie Parker). So much of what I do, I feel like there’s no way that I could have come up with it, without having listened to him.

‘¢ At the Bistro, you’ll lead your groove-oriented Underground band. Who’s sharing the stage with you? Nate Smith is playing drums, Adam Rogers is playing the guitar and Craig Taborn is playing the Fender Rhodes (electric piano).

‘¢ Those are pretty impressive players. Absolutely. I’m very, very fortunate. We’ve been able to bring our influences together and start to construct a new language ‘” the band’s language.

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