Kathy Mattea: The Wolf Trap Interview

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Wednesday March 23, 2011

From Wolf Trap

This is the first interview we’ve done in which we explored an artists life from childhood through the absolute present day. And this approach worked perfectly for Kathy Mattea because of the amazing number of “major crossroads” type decisions she has made that have helped shape her life and career. This is actually a very inspirational interview, brimming with echoes of her dare-to-be-great scenario that descended upon her while at West Virginia University, wrestling with a decision to choose music, or the safe path of engineering.

Her most recent album, Coal, is a tribute to her home state of West Virginia and to her heritage as the granddaughter of miners. She beams with pride when we start to discuss this album, and she cites it as a life-changing experience that completely altered the way she approaches writing, playing and performing music. Quite a statement from an artist who has had 17 Top 10 Country hits…none of which are on this album. Oh and did I mention her accent her is totally intoxicating?

Listen to the interview below:

Kathy Mattea: The Wolf Trap Interview by Wolf_Trap