Joe Lovano Delights Legion of Fans at Ronnie Scott's

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Monday March 28, 2011

From the London Evening Standard

Joe Lovano delights legion of fans at Ronnie Scott’s
By Jack Massarik

Time was when American stars like Joe Lovano would spend entire fortnights at Ronnie Scott’s.

In these straitened times fans had to settle for a one-night stand on Friday which crammed the club to capacity. And as if aware of the situation, the popular tenor-saxophone maestro gave one of the strongest performances of his 40-year career.

Leading a young group through material from his two current albums, Folk Art and Birdsongs, he hardly paused for breath during a 90-minute workout that reflected not only his energy, showmanship, lyricism and imagination but also the benefits of his vast experience. However agreeably wild his hoarse, husky-toned saxophone flights became at climactic moments,
for example, his technique remained precise and his underlying sense of structure never evaporated.

He opened with a fiendish medley of Charlie Parker themes – Koko, Passport and Moose the Mooche – studding them with fleeting quotes from Thelonious Monk of the same period, an artful motif that would never occur to younger players.

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