Kathy Mattea Travels to Antarctica

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Tuesday February 28, 2012

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To better understand the changes taking place near the South Pole and the impacts those changes will have around the world, Al Gore and Kathy Mattea recently traveled to Antarctica with The Climate Reality Project. A large number of civic and business leaders, activists and concerned citizens from many countries on this voyage will be joined by many of the world’s leading climate scientists and Antarctica experts to see firsthand and in real time how the climate crisis is unfolding in Antarctica. The Climate Reality Project will document how the melting of the world’s ice is impacting us everywhere from Brooklyn to Bangladesh and from Ecuador to the Arctic.

Kathy met her fellow travelers in Buenos Aires, including the President of Iceland, various ministers from South Africa and Bangladesh, Jill Bolte Taylor, fellow musician Jason Mraz, and several more. Kathy and Jason even got a chance to play a duet for everyone, at the request of former Vice President Gore. After a trip through rough waters on the National Geographic Explorer, Kathy stepped foot on Antarctica for the first time and was amazed by the beauty of the glaciers, the seals, the humpback whales, and the many, many penguins.

You can read Kathy’s own accounts of the trip on her facebook page here