New Album and Website for Kathy Mattea

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

Take a peek at Kathy Mattea’s brand new website at, where you can preview some videos from her upcoming release Calling Me Home and pre-order the album now!

While you’re there, be sure to check out the Speaking Programs page with information about bringing Kathy to speak at your venue. The unmistakable voice of Grammy Award winner Kathy Mattea explores music’s most basic human essence through timeless melodies and uplifting narratives. Singer, musician, songwriter, public speaker, activist: Mattea’s music and message have taken her to venues across America from Maine to Alaska, and overseas from England to Morocco, from college campuses to capitol buildings, and from festivals to concert halls.

Mattea’s music has spoken to millions of people during her 20-plus years as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. In recent years she has found a growing audience for the words and ideas she has to offer on a variety of issues, ranging from arts education to finding your creative path to global climate change. Often interweaving her message with musical selections, Kathy’s presentations seek to provide her audience with spiritual nourishment: food not only for thought, but also for the soul.

A dedicated arts and education advocate, Mattea is also deeply involved in social and environmental activism. She believes that music can influence social change by giving a voice to those who have none. Trained by Al Gore following An Inconvenient Truth, Mattea has traveled the country with her own lecture presentation, My Coal Journey, a reflection on her coal country heritage, her personal experiences as an activist, and her artistic journey. An accomplished speaker, Mattea was chosen to deliver keynote addresses at both the Arts Northwest and Performing Arts Exchange conferences in 2010. A full list of Kathy’s previous speaking engagements is available here.