Live Review: Sound Prints, "enough ideas for a gig twice as long."

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Wednesday October 17, 2012

Dave Douglas/Joe Lovano ‘” review
By: John Fordham

The Soundprints quintet, led by trumpeter Dave Douglas and saxophonist Joe Lovano, played almost two hours straight on their first night at Ronnie Scott’s ‘” yet the show felt as if it had passed by in a flash, while boiling with enough ideas for a gig twice as long.

Soundprints is a reference to the saxophonist Wayne Shorter’s famous theme, Footprints. But though Footprints and other Shorter classics surfaced as passing references within the swirl of solos, the band’s mission is the development of a tradition inspired not just by Shorter, but by the innovators before and since ‘” not least Douglas and Lovano themselves. Ornette Coleman’s presence, for instance, was plain in the springy pulse and intertwining sax and trumpet line of the opening Soundprints, with the magnificent Joey Baron gleefully ticking off the cymbal beat over Linda Oh’s tenacious bass walk.

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