In Conversation with Joe Lovano

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Monday June 01, 2009

Folk Art, Joe Lovano’s latest release on Blue Note with his band Us Five, is the tenor saxophonist’s twenty-first album for the label. It’s also the first time Lovano has made an entire album comprising his own compositions. In so doing, he continues a tradition begun by Blue Note’s founding fathers Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff, who, as Lovano points out, made a practice of helping the label’s artists realize their original compositions. “They gave these incredible players the green light,” says Lovano. “[They] gave them the forum and outlet to record, and opened the door [for them] to develop as composers. It certainly happened for me. Carrying-on in that tradition of being a player/composer is the legacy of Blue Note.” Lovano knows as well as anybody, given his encyclopaedic knowledge of jazz history.

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