Joe Lovano "never fails to keep things swinging"

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Friday January 18, 2013


Composer and saxophonist Joe Lovano, a man who never fails to keep things swingin’, recently released his latest album Cross Culture. With his notorious quintet Us Five, Lovano has produced his 23rd Blue Note record. His soft, breathy and gliding tone is a sound that can be heard from a mile away. This jazz veteran’s latest collection is a presentation of his multifaceted creativity and personality as a musician.

The name Cross Culture says it all about Lovano’s latest album. ‘Since I started to tour in the late ’70s, I’ve collected instruments from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe and North and South America,’ says Lovano. In an exploration of new and unfamiliar sounds, Lovano experiments with the G-mezzo soprano, the tarogato, the Israeli paddle drum, and a Nigerian drum called the oborom. Us Five is a collaboration of musical intellectuals and a group of musicians who are acutely aware of their own artistic expression and musical personality. With bassists Esperanza Spalding and Peter Slavov, drummers Otis Brown III and Francisco Mela, pianist James Weidman and guitarist Lionel Loueke, the playful interactions of this diverse group of musicians, when combined with Joe Lovano’s limitless musical experimentation, culminates into a truly vibrant sound.

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