Kathy Mattea Says: "Music Fuels Conversation"

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Tuesday January 29, 2013

From Gazette

Grammy-winning artist Kathy Mattea returns to her roots on latest record
By: Cara Hedgepeth

Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Kathy Mattea will stop by the Weinberg on Saturday night and she’s got someone she wants you to meet.

‘It’s kind of like introducing audiences to your new friends,’ said Mattea of the music from her latest album, ‘Calling Me Home,’ released in September. Saturday’s concert is part of a month-long tour of the East Coast. Mattea picks up the tour again in April with stops in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and California.

Audiences who come out Saturday expecting to hear Mattea croon the country and bluegrass chart-toppers like ‘Goin’, Gone,’ ‘Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses,’ and ‘Burnin’ Old Memories,’ that made her a commercial success in the 1980s and 1990s, won’t be disappointed.

‘We’ll play from the touchstones,’ Mattea said. ‘From what people expect to hear when they come see us.’

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