Kathy Mattea's 'My Coal Journey'

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Friday February 01, 2013

From The Centre Daily Times

Grammy-winner Kathy Mattea lends voice to environmental causes in talk at Penn State
By: Luke Michael Petkac

Students and adults alike packed The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel on Thursday to hear two-time Grammy award-winning musician Kathy Mattea discuss her environmental activism, her personal experiences with the coal industry and to perform a few hit songs as part of the Forum Speaker Series.

Though she’s best known for her guitar playing and powerful vocals, Mattea is also heavily involved in both social and environmental activism. She has traveled all over the nation giving her presentation, ‘My Coal Journey,’ which focuses on the environmental and social injustices caused by large-scale coal mining.

‘Much to my surprise and delight, I seem to be able to help further the conversation in the best way I can ‘” by telling my own story,’ Mattea told the crowd of about 300 people.

Mattea said that she first became interested in the coal industry after the 2006 Sago Mine disaster. The disaster claimed the lives of 12 miners in West Virginia, her native state

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