Kathy Mattea: Long-lost Daughter

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Monday January 28, 2013

From Port Washington Patch

Kathy Mattea: Long-lost Daughter
By: Mark Underwood

At the Jeanne Rimsky Theatre on Saturday, an audience waiting for the start of Americana crooner Kathy Mattea’s show gazed upon a handsome lineup of nine stringed instruments ‘” several guitars, a standup bass, a wired violin, mandolin and a bouzouki. They probably weren’t thinking of Jean Ritchie just then, but it was a musical still life for an evening that would ultimately involve Ritchie.

This first appearance at the Landmark venue for Kathy Mattea, mainly known for 16 mainstream country top ten hits, delighted a clearly expectant audience. As observed by John Platt in his introduction, Mattea emerged as part of an 80’s folk-country hybrid later dubbed Americana. Mattea herself confessed she was ‘maybe 24’ at the time, with matching country bouffant hair and shoulder pads. ‘A rough time to ‘get famous,’‘ she said. Famous she was, and her prior work brought out a large local audience.

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