CD Review: Brussels Jazz Orchestra & Joe Lovano 'Wild Beauty'

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Monday September 16, 2013


CD Review: Brussels Jazz Orchestra & Joe Lovano “Wild Beauty”
By: Ron Netsky

When I first heard Joe Lovano’s ‘Viva Caruso’ album a decade ago, I fell in love with a tune called ‘Streets of Naples.’ Listening to the same tune, arranged by Gil Goldstein for the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, with Lovano soloing, I just couldn’t believe my ears. ‘Streets of Naples’ was even richer, even more beautiful.

‘Wild Beauty,’ a collaboration of the BJO, Goldstein, and Lovano, contains eight tunes that make up the ‘Sonata Suite.’ All of them are Lovano compositions, gathered from various albums over the decades. The added dimensions of the orchestra and Goldstein’s arrangements take them to a new level. The fact that Lovano himself is there to improvise over his own enhanced music is the final brilliant touch.

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