Kathy Mattea Brings a Country Vibe

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Friday September 27, 2013

From The Daily Record

Kathy Mattea brings a country vibe to Sanctuary Concert Series
By: Bill Nutt

Kathy Mattea traces her music as about as deep into the earth as someone can go.

Mattea’s family and friends in her native West Virginia encompass generations of coal miners. Her most recent CDs ‘” ‘Coal’ (2008) and ‘Calling Me Home’ (2012) ‘” are both rooted more in bluegrass and Appalachian mountain music than in country music.

Those sounds are an essential part of her, according to Mattea. ‘There’s a unique thing that people in Appalachia have such a strong sense of place,’ she says. ‘My dad could name every tree and every plant. ‘Place’ becomes a member of the family.’

Conveying that sense of history and place will be one of Mattea’s purposes when she plays the Presbyterian Church in Chatham this Saturday, Sept. 28, as part of the Sanctuary Concert series.

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