Kathy Mattea Shares Lessons on Music & Life

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Tuesday October 22, 2013

From MetroNews

Kathy Mattea shares lessons on music, life during Ripley High visit
By: Jeff Jenkins

Kanawha County native and country music star Kathy Mattea urged Jackson County high school students to pursue their dreams during a visit to Ripley High School Tuesday afternoon.

The award-winning Mattea appeared very relaxed as she answered questions from Ripley and Ravenswood high schools. She talked about growing up in Cross Lanes and enrolling at West Virginia University after high school only to leave Morgantown in search of her country music dream.

She said that first six-months to a year in Nashville were probably the loneliest time in her life.

‘I would call my mother on the phone and she’d say hello and I would say hello and I’d be crying and she would hang up on me. She was like, ‘You took responsibility for this and you’re going to have to find your way through it.’ That was hard but I’m glad she did that.’

Mattea said she finally got over her loneliness when she found fellow musicians going in the same direction.

‘It took me a long time to find people that understood how it felt to leave your whole life behind and go towards your dream,’ she said.

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