Kathy Mattea & NPT Tackle Aging Issues

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Friday October 25, 2013

From The Tennessean

NPT tackles aging issues in series with Mattea
By: Brad Schmitt

For Kathy Mattea, the issue is personal and intense.

Her father died of cancer while her mother was dying of Alzheimer’s disease.

“My mom asked where he was,” Mattea said. “I called the Alzheimer’s Association and got some good information.”

The advice, she said: “You can go through this every day (explaining that he died) or you can just say, ‘He’s not here.’”

For the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, it was one of many blessings she got from agencies, caregivers and support groups as she went through the difficulty of having both elderly parents die.

“Just having someone who understood was such a gift,” she said. “It helps people not be alone.”

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