Kathy Mattea Charms at Intimate Seven Days Concert

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Monday February 10, 2014


Kathy Mattea charms at intimate Seven Days concert
By: Kati Schardl

The Big Room at Pebble Hill Plantation was barely big enough for the blast of sheer, unadulterated musical joy that singer-songwriter Kathy Mattea brought with her top-drawer band for a sold-out Seven Days of Opening Nights performance Sunday afternoon.

Maybe Ruby Diamond Concert Hall will be able to contain the group’s unbridled combination of charm and serious chops. Mattea and her crew perform there today at 7:30 p.m.

‘I want to leave a little echo of this song in the room, so that when the fancy furniture is back in place, they’ll wonder, ‘Is that a country song about truck-drivin’ I hear?’ ‘ Mattea joked after getting the audience to join in a couple of rousing choruses of her hit ’18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses.’

Dressed in a ruffled black blouse and black jeans tucked into brown suede boots, Mattea’s pleasure at being in the intimate room on a golden afternoon overflowed through song after song in a seamless set.

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