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Tuesday July 15, 2014

I’m feeling tears of love and joy with the passing of Charlie Haden. I grew up listening to his spiritual, poetic music through recordings with Ornette Coleman and The Keith Jarrett Quartet. Charlie said once that Ornette gave him permission to be himself in the music, this gave me the inspiration to try and develop in the art of improvising. Before I knew it, after moving to NY in the mid 70’s, in a mysterious and magical way, I found myself playing with Paul Motian. This led to me becoming a member of The Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra in the mid 80’s. Playing the music of Carla Bley with Dewey Redman, Paul, Tom Harrell, Don Cherry, “Maconda” Ken Mcintyre, Ray Anderson and others was like a beautiful dream. There was a searching exploration in Charlie’s melodic bass lines that created music within the music. He had a telepathic, magical gift in his harmonic and rhythmic approach that was amazing. It was a blessing for me to tour the world under his leadership throughout my years in the LMO, with Quartet West on occasion, and with Ganzalo Rubalcaba. I learned from his generous loving spirit all things about sharing the blessings of life and music. Charlie was serious, meditative, introspective, fun, joyous, wild, cool, fearless and very politically active. The lessons I’ve learned from him will live on in my life forever. Charlie Haden was truly a bright light for all of us!!! Thank You Charlie.

Some recordings we’re on together:
My recording – “Universal Language” (Blue Note) LMO – “Dream Keeper” (Blue Note)
LMO – “The Montreal Tapes” (Verve)
Ganzalo Rubalcaba – “Nocturne”
Ganzalo Rubalcaba – “The Land of the Sun”
Tom Harrell – “Form” (Contemporary)
John Scofield – “Time On My Hands” (Blue Note)

- Joe Lovano